Take the weather at the time of the year into consideration.

If it is humid and you have long hair perhaps wear it up as a long hair style may flop. Just remember that your hair has to last all day and long into the night. Use products that last in the tropics and drink lots of water - it’s good for your skin.

Think ahead about the hair style you like.

As you are not getting married at home, consult with your regular hairdresser to prepare for the big day and maybe have a trial, take some photos and bring them with you. Another option is to bring photos of a style you like and meet with me before the wedding or have a wedding trial.

When choosing your style you may want to have flowers, a tiara, a veil, a fascinator or hair gems. I especially recommend flowers in your hair. They go with the theme of the beautiful natural environment here and they are readily available.



Port Douglas is a versatile destination when it comes to locations to have your ceremony - anything from casual beach to lush rainforest to formal church glamour. So choose a theme that suits. Maybe have bridesmaids in green if your ceremony is in the rainforest. I have done a bride who got married in a hot air balloon at sunrise but beware you will have to get up at 4am. The Great Barrier Reef is great place to have your ceremony for the more adventurous romantic. I even did a wedding where the bridal party wore bikinis and and sarong to the beach ceremony. Let your imagination go wild!


I highly recommend beach weddings but there are unique factors to consider. You can’t wear high heels in the sand so be prepared to take them off or if you want to wear shoes make sure they are flats. If your shoes get wet they will probably be ruined. Bare feet is an accepted standard so kick your heels off and run in the water! Beaches have a lot of light so make up has to be subtle. Beaches anywhere can be windy so make sure your hair won’t move and your dress will stay down. Bridesmaids duty may require they hold your dress down for you. There was once a wedding where the bride decided to surprise everyone and land on the beach in a helicopter. The caterers like everyone else didn’t know , so when the helicopter landed the food was not covered. The wind from the helicopter blades blew sand into the food and it was all ruined! There is much to know about a beach wedding.


You would be surprised at how time flies with all the preparation for the big day. Wash your hair the night before and let it dry naturally - no hairdryers or curling / straightening irons etc. Get everyone to drink lots of bottled water and juices the day before and morning when you are getting ready. This is good for the skin and makes those photos look all the better. Order something light for lunch on the wedding day and make sure the groom is organised.


Be sure to organise other wedding services well in advance - eg.  florist, photographer, limousine, lunch, phone calls, organising the groomsmen - it can all too easily become last minute. A 3pm ceremony means that hair styles aim to be completed by 2pm if not earlier. A bridal party will need at least one hour before the ceremony for pre wedding photos and for all of you to be satisfied with your look. If you have a large bridal party it is important to do hair and make up for mums and bridesmaids first, then the bride and flower girls or page boys last as it gets closer to the ceremony time. On the wedding day wear shirts that unbutton so you don’t have t - shirts that have to be pulled over your heads when you get into your wedding dresses. Have lunch pre organised - obviously light food like triangle sandwiches. Lastly- take the time to relax. The more stressed you are, the more the day will fly by and you will miss it- strange but true.

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